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Disrupting Design for the real world

By Jamie Billing | April 29, 2016
Material culture lies at the heart of design and there can be no question that we have a need to better understand and evolve material culture, for the common good of all people. As a society we’re currently using twice as many resources as the planet can sustain and I believe that all practicing product designers should be adjusting their working methods to use the resources available to us more responsibly.
By Celeste Martinez | February 19, 2016
To recap our blog series, we take a look back at day one. Fresno State’s Advanced Architectural Graphics class was asked to join forces with the Construction Management Sustainability class to create a joint course project. The project focused on enhancing students in programs and software that overall helped strengthen their design and construction/ project management skills.
By Katy Evans | January 22, 2016
Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute has announced the winners of their Product Design Challenge. This challenge recognizes designs created and materials used for a circular economy, wherein products and materials maintain their value over time and can be perpetually upcycled. This approach to timelessness speaks to a future of finite resources and a growing global population.
By Celeste Martinez | December 22, 2015
We last left off on an introduction to a joint course project; used to educate a group of design and construction management students in efforts of educating sustainable building practices. To sum up, this collaborative project joins Professor Wu’s Advanced Architecture Graphics and Vivien Luo’s Sustainable construction course at Fresno State.
By Alex Lobos | November 26, 2015
Most people understand the basic concept of Sustainability and its importance in today’s world, but when looking deeper into how to execute it, things get more complicated. Not everyone is clear on how to apply it in their discipline(s) and sometimes there is a disconnect between those who develop design principles and those who implement them in the field.
By Michael Floyd | November 25, 2015
As the additive manufacturing industry grows and extends its reach, it becomes important to ask a number of related health, safety, and environmental questions.
By Celeste Martinez | November 12, 2015
Living as a millennial student, innovation and collaboration is among the top characteristics that I strive for during my education. I strongly believe, learning new applications and creating an educational environment that promotes leading-edge concepts creates long term success for students as they enter the industry post-graduation.
By Alex Lobos | October 30, 2015
Educators and students often ask how to integrate sustainability topics into their curriculum. A few key small steps can grow into a cultural change in academic institutions, starting with the most important one: having champions who are willing to experiment with better approaches for sustainable education.
By Celeste Martinez | October 21, 2015
We’re delighted to welcome our guest student blogger, Celeste Martinez to the Sustainability Workshop blog and wanted to introduce her to you, before her Building Performance Analysis Certificate blogging series kicks off!
By faludi | October 01, 2015
The number one social sustainability goal is eradicating poverty, especially in developing countries. 3D printing may help, and people are already trying to use it for this. However, its greatest potential remains mostly untapped, not making products for the rural poor, but acting as venture capital for small urban manufacturers.
By Katy Evans | September 24, 2015
Autodesk is proud to sponsor a new AIA+2030 Online Series, an educational program aimed at providing American Institute of Architects (AIA) members and other design professionals and students with the high-performance building knowledge necessary to meet the 2030 Challenge targets.


Designing a Sustainable Future

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