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Personal Fabrication for a Self-Sustaining World: Webinar Recording
Dawn Danby
October 19, 2012 - 3:10am

It’s easier than ever to make real, physical things from scratch. As Autodesk has released free, easy to use software like our 123D tools, we’ve been enthusiastically exploring sustainability in personal fabrication and the maker community.

It’s always fun to collaborate with Jesse Harrington Au, Autodesk’s Maker Advocate. During this webcast conversation, he and I talked about ideas as diverse as local manufacturing, sharing networks, and material choices in 3D printing.

Here’s the full recording of the webinar, with some links to resources below:

Instructables Design Competition: Open for entries on October 29th! Sustainability Prize: the Autodesk Sustainability team will reward the entry that demonstrates the best use of sustainable design with a special judge’s prize: $1500 at Highland Woodworking.

Strategies for making greener stuff, by Ben Chapman:

Ben Chapman’s Intern projects: Ben joined us this last summer from Olin College, a small engineering school that emphasizes sustainability, human-centered design thinking, and entrepreneurship. Ben spent the whole summer at TechShop (we were jealous), using Autodesk 123D, creating his projects and sharing his results and insights on Instructables.

TechShop Projects & Entrepreneurs
Maker Resources
  • 123D: Capture your world in 3D with free Autodesk 123D apps.
  • Techshop: Membership-based workshops
  • Makerspace: Creating a space for young makers and educators
  • 100kGarages: Connecting Makers to fabbers
3D printing: 
by Dawn Danby, Sr. Sustainable Design Program Manager at Autodesk

Sustainable Design

Everything in the built environment is designed, from the smallest computer chip to the largest city. With Autodesk software, users can reduce the environmental impacts of their designs.  Visit the Autodesk Sustainable Design Center:

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