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Daysim: Daylighting w. Controls

Daysim is based on Radiance’s daylighting algorithms, but adds capabilities for studying specific sky conditions based on climate data and specific lighting controls scenarios like operable blinds. 

Installing Daysim

DAYSIM has been developed at Harvard University, the National Research Council Canada and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems. The overall development of DAYSIM has been coordinated by Christoph Reinhart since 1998.

Like Radiance, DAYSIM is an external application that needs to first be installed before you can use it with Ecotect. It uses the Radiance analysis engine, so you also have to have Radiance installed to use DAYSIM.

Download DAYSIM here: Version 3.1e includes an installer, which makes the process easier. Version 4 requires some back end knowledge for the install, so it provides no prompts or guidance.


Daylighting Analysis with Daysim (Part 1)

Comparing conceptual rooms

Daylighting Analysis with Daysim (Part 2)

Comparing conceptual rooms

Daylighting Analysis with Daysim (Part 3)

Lighting controls - Blinds

This Getting Started Guide for Ecotect, Radiance, and Daysim is helpful. It was created by Christoph Reinhart and Guido Petinelli at McGill University and the National Research Council Canada.


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