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Sun and Shadow Studies in BIM

(See our playlist on Sun and Shadow Studies for Building Science, one module of the Autodesk BPA Certificate)

Understanding the sun’s path goes hand-in-hand with climate analysis to help you create high performance buildings. Harnessing the sun’s energy and light is perhaps the most important factor for good passive design strategies. 

The first step is to understand how the sun will move across your site, and what shadows will be cast from surrounding objects and your building. Armed with this basic understanding, you can be much more effective in subsequent analyses as you’re designing for solar heat gain, daylighting, and solar electricity generation.

Software tools can help you visualize or quantify the effect sun and shadows on your building site, or important elements of it. Are buildings or vegetation in the surroundings shading my building? How does my building shade the surroundings? What might be the most effective shading strategies?


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