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Vasari/Revit: Sunpath & Visualization

Autodesk Project Vasari and Revit feature an interactive 3D sunpath diagram can help you visualize shadows and understand the sun’s position throughout the day and year. This workflow diagram, and the videos below, can help you understand the tool.

Also see the Using the Sun Path page on Vasari's WikiHelp.

Modeling Site & Context

For your shadow study, you’ll need to model important site elements like surrounding buildings, vegetation, and in some cases topography. See the Site & Topography in Vasari and Revit page to learn how.


Sun Settings

To get the most from sun and shadow studies in Autodesk Revit and Project Vasari, you need to both know how to manipulate the Sun Path tool, and be strategic about which days and times you simulate. The sun settings that are most appropriate for your analysis depend on your design goals.

Learn more in the solar position article about important design days like solstices and equinoxes.

This video shows basic sunpath and shadow settings in Revit and Vasari. 


Setting Different Days and Times in Sun and Shadow Studies

Learn how to create sun and shadow studies in Autodesk Revit and Vasari that change based on the day and time required for analysis


Shadow study and sunpath additional tips in Revit and Vasari

Learn additional tips for using the sun path and shadow tools within Revit and Vasari more effectively. This includes creating views, using translucent underlays, creating shadows on different levels of the project, controling time scales for readable animations, and take screen shots to compare different shadow and shadow ranges. 

See more information about the Sun Path options on Vasari WikiHelp: 


Optimizing building form based on sun studies

Creating building form based on sun studies in Revit and Vasari

Learn some tips for optimizing building massing and orientation using the sun and shadow tools within Autodesk Revit and Vasari. You’ll see an example of how to use design options to extrude volumes, and then monitor the shadows and overshadowing of those design options at specific times of the year like the summer and winter solstice.
Download dataset here

Example of Creating Building Form based on Sun Studies in Autodesk Revit or Vasari

After understanding the basics of using the sun path and shadow study tools, this video shows an example of comparing building form concepts for the design of an outdoor courtyard.


Exporting Still Images and Animations

Autodesk Vasari and Revit’s sun path tools are best for visual feedback and can be used to create compelling still images and animations very quickly.


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