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An Improved Coffee Machine

This concept for a radically simplified coffee machine is beautifully simple while being more reparable. It elegantly addresses a common problem of pressure valves that clog, fail, and can’t be accessed. 

Project Title: 
Project Designers: 
Ronja Ophelia Hasselbach of Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany
Project Date: 
Jan 2013

This concept received an honorable mention in the 2012 Autodesk, Core77, and iFixit’s “Design for (Your) Product Lifetime” competition

Standard coffee machines have a pressure valve which over time becomes jammed with a buildup of chalk and other minerals found in all household water.  By driving the water in the opposite direction of standard machines Hasselbach's design does away with the pressure valve entirely.  In addition, the design also makes thoughtful use of materials.  The main components are almost all made of glass, with all of the other non-electronic components made of fully recyclable materials.  Additionally, all of these different materials are incredibly easy to take apart, clean, and properly dispose of.  These are the principle concepts of good Design for Disassembly and Recycling, and helped show the thoughtfulness that went into the product.

The overall concept and execution on Hasselbach’s Coffeemachine concept was an excellent example of how sometimes simpler is better.  Her ability to get down to the essential aspect of the coffee making experience was fantastic, and the judges would be happy to have her product in their homes.

Learn more about Hasselbach’s Coffeemachine product concept here [PDF]


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