Green Building Studio

The Autodesk® Green Building Studio® web-based energy analysis service can help architects and designers perform whole building analysis, optimize energy efficiency, and work toward carbon neutrality earlier in the design process. Based on the DOE-2 calculation engine. 

Customers who add subscription to Autodesk Revit can access Green Building Studio for the duration of their subscription.

When to use Green Building Studio

  • When you have a detailed energy model that cannot be analyzed easily with Autodesk Vasari.
  • Study and easily compare the potential energy savings from alternative building envelopes (materials and features) and mechanical systems.
  • Water saving/recovery strategies (rainwater harvesting, greywater systems).
  • You’d like to understand the impact of improving lighting efficiency
  • Study the potential for alternative power generation through photovoltaics and wind turbines.
  • When the HVAC system component and control configurations you’re studying are fairly standard.
  • When you’re not heavily relying on a lot of passive design strategies like direct solar gain (via thermal mass) and natural ventilation.
  • Calibrate your model to existing building conditions - Upload historical utility information to aid in operations, maintenance, and building performance tracking. When the simulation is run, Green Building Studio will use the actual climate and utility data for the specific period and location.

Sustainable Design Functionality

  • Whole building energy analysis - Energy use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, including regional electric grid carbon emissions by fuel type.
  • Water Use Analysis - Estimate water use based on building type and number of occupants, and evaluate the effectiveness of alternative measures to reduce water use.
  • Renewable Energy Sources - Identify and size options for onsite renewable solar and wind energy sources.
  • LEED Daylighting Credits - Calculate each room’s daylighting factor and identify ways to earn LEED daylighting credits. 

The Design Led Revolution

Let’s create a better future through sustainable design
Driven by designers and engineers, architects and entrepreneurs, educators and makers, this movement encourages the use of sustainable design practices everywhere to provide more for people, while taking less from the planet.

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