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How Autodesk Sustainability Workshop & Fusion 360 teaches students sustainable product design, good design process, and the value of design thinking.

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Concepts and tools for sustainable design

The Autodesk Sustainability Workshop offers free online resources that teach the principles and practice of sustainability in engineering and design. This site was created to help educators teach and students learn about sustainability in engineering and architecture professions.

Building Design

High-performance buildings use far less energy, water, and money to run them. Learn or teach sustainable design and building performance analysis. 

Product Design

Products can have lower environmental impacts by cleverly using less energy and materials. Learn or teach sustainability in product design & engineering. 

Designing a Sustainable Future

Autodesk is committed to helping designers and engineers create a future where we all live well and within the limits of our planet. We’re excited to lead the way with sustainable, forward-thinking business practices. Together, let’s design a sustainable future.

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