Product Design

Products can have lower environmental impacts by cleverly using less energy and materials. Learn or teach sustainability in product design & engineering.

Product Design Software

These free videos, tutorials and case studies will help you design for energy efficiency, use greener materials or simulate your project's performance using tools like Autodesk Fusion 360TM, Inventor® and other Simulation tools.

Autodesk offers two flexible tools for 3D mechanical design and Digital Prototyping, Fusion 360TM and Inventor®. You can use these tools to create your designs in 3D, and extend those digital models for use in product simulations, tooling creation, and design communication. Both software packages are available for free to students and educators on the Autodesk Education Community.
Material selection is an incredibly important aspect of creating sustainable products.  The Autodesk Eco Materials Adviser can help you make more informed material choices with data about the embodied energy, embodied CO2, embodied water, cost, RoHS compliance, and physical material properties.
To use fewer resources and treat the surrounding environment in a better manner, designers and engineers must use their expertise, along with advanced tools, to reduce the impact of our actions and consumption.  One of these tools is computer simulation.  Here you will learn the basics of how and when to use simulation for sustainable design.
Learn what lightweighting is, and why it’s important for sustainability; when you should lightweight; and other strategies you can use to reduce material use.

Designing a Sustainable Future

Autodesk is committed to helping designers and engineers create a future where we all live well and within the limits of our planet. We’re excited to lead the way with sustainable, forward-thinking business practices. Together, let’s design a sustainable future.

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